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Support Gems of the Sonoran Desert

creek during sunset©Jack Dykinga

Recently, a group of scientists, regional experts, historians and concerned citizens contacted us to host a letter to raise awareness of a few of the places in the Sonoran Desert that would be negatively impacted by border wall construction.

Although Wildlands Network primarily advocates for the conservation of wild habitats and their associated species, one cannot ignore the significance of cultural and historical sites that add richness to wild places.

On May 7, 2019 the Department of Homeland Security released a proposal to build 63 miles of 18 to 30 foot lighted steel bollard fencing that would slice through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuges. The Secretary of Homeland Security issued waivers of 38 environmental and cultural protection laws dating back to 1890 in order to expedite construction without having to comply with any laws or regulations.


©Jack Dykinga©Jack Dykinga

With this letter, the authors identify five “Gems of the Sonoran Desert” in the hope that they resonate across disciplines and the broad variety of interests and places that people hold dear. It goes without saying that the amount of gems in the Sonoran desert could fill several treasure chests many times over, but here a group of experts has highlighted some especially precious ones.

Wildlands Network strongly opposes the building of destructive border walls.

This imposing and brutal infrastructure will have an extremely negative impact upon the region and its local inhabitants, impede crucial wildlife corridors, alter hydrologic flows of wild, free-flowing rivers and springs, and permanently alter terrestrial, wetland and aquatic habitats managed by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service Refuge System and National Park Service.

Please read this letter, and if some part of it speaks to you, then please consider being a signatory to stand up for wildness. The deadline to show your support is September 6th.


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