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The mission of Wildlands Network is to reconnect, restore, and rewild North America so that life in all its diversity can thrive. Tune into The Wildlands Network Blog for updates about our campaigns, policy work, events, news stories—and as the go-to resource for rewilding North America.
Several children wearing brightly colored clothes look closely at jars and test tubes

Full Circle

Iowan MJ Hatfield describes herself as “head over heals into the wild diversity of insects and how little we actually know about the community of life in our own backyards.” MJ’s impassioned and lyrical celebration of moths and other wild creatures in Iowa serve as a timeless reminder that, as she writes in her essay, “wildness remains around us” wherever we live. We need only open our eyes and our hearts.

A group of people stand in a loose circle in a small grassy field surrounded by scrubby trees.

Wildlands Network Hosts Trail Camera Workshop to Make Mexico’s Highway 2 Safer

Several species that call the borderlands region home face an almost insurmountable threat: Mexico’s Highway 2 has taken thousands of lives, both human and animal. With wildlife crossings, we can reduce the risk of wildlife-vehicle collisions and potentially save lives, putting us one step closer to a reconnected and rewilded North America. Photo: Myles Traphagen

A snowy mountain rises above a lake and is reflected in the water below. Rocky outcrops jut into the water in the foreground.

Places of the Pacific: The Enchantments

Our new Pacific Wildway aims to protect special recreation spaces from British Columbia to Baja California, for both people and wildlife to enjoy. In this new blog post series about recreating in the Pacific Wildway, learn more about a landscape that feels like it belongs to another time and place, with pristine lakes and tarns, jagged peaks, cirques and glaciers. Welcome to the Enchantments. Photo: Richard Forbes

Man with long gray hair and ponytail sits smiling next to a large black and gray dog with brown eyes and a red flowered collar

Where Compassionate Conservation Meets Rewilding, with Marc Bekoff

Dr. Marc Bekoff is an accomplished ethologist and animal behaviorist who has published more than 1,000 articles and 31 books on myriad topics involving nonhuman animals, human-animal relations, and compassionate conservation. In an exclusive Wildlands Network interview, writer Paula MacKay invites Marc to explore the complicated ethics surrounding wildlife reintroductions, and to share his views on how rewilding can (and must) incorporate compassionate conservation in order to be successful.

A wolf that is walking looks directly at the camera.

Government: Wild Red Wolf Population Could Soon Be Wiped Out

This Associated Press article, which appeared in the Miami Herald and U.S. News and World Report, highlights the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s new 5-year review of the red wolf’s endangered status. The story includes quotes from Dr. Ron Sutherland on how the USFWS continues to fail the red wolf, despite the agency acknowledgement of the wolf’s endangered status. Photo: Ron Sutherland

A four-legged wolf-like animal looks back over its shoulder toward the camera in a middle of a field of tall, yellow grasses.

Managing Coyotes for Coexistence

Instead of encouraging coexistence, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s final coyote management plan emphasizes lethal management methods. The hunting and trapping-heavy plan is now the state’s official modus operandi. Photo: Melissa McGaw, NCWRC