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The mission of Wildlands Network is to reconnect, restore, and rewild North America so that life in all its diversity can thrive. Tune into The Wildlands Network Blog for updates about our campaigns, policy work, events, news stories—and as the go-to resource for rewilding North America.

Trusting Wildness But Not Us

To bridge the divide between Yellowstone and Glacier national parks, grizzly bears must reckon with roads, housing developments, agriculture and private property rights. The way things are going, these bears will likely face these obstacles without protections under the ESA. We must demand that our elected officials protect what is left of the ESA. Photo: William C. Gladish

Lone pronghorn walking through a meadow of yellow flowers

The Environmental Cost of Trump’s Border Wall

Our own Katie Davis was featured in this podcast from the Center for Western Priorities. During the discussion with fellow conservationists Bryan Bird of Defenders of Wildlife and Kirin Kennedy of the Sierra Club, Katie highlights Wildlands Network’s recent border connectivity report, Four Species on the Brink, and the negative environmental impacts of the border wall. Photo: Tom Koerner, USFWS

Close-up of gray, white, and tan dog-like animal with tongue hanging out

Camera-Trap Footage Shows Rare, Much-Debated Red Wolf in the Wild

Earth Touch News Network’s Ethan Shaw explores the controversial genetics of North America’s wolf species, highlighting Wildlands Network’s ongoing efforts to survey the rare and endangered red wolf. Shaw’s piece includes a 40-second compilation of WN video footage featuring wild red wolves in North Carolina. Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Hundreds of well-dressed people sit in an auditorium

Celebrating Half-Earth Day and Wildlife Corridors with Dr. E.O. Wilson, Senator Tom Udall, and Congressman Don Beyer

Last week, the world celebrated the first annual Half-Earth Day. In Washington, D.C., the celebration began at National Geographic headquarters, where esteemed scientists and thought-leaders gathered to discuss the Half-Earth vision posited by Dr. E.O. Wilson in his 2016 book, “Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life.” Photo: Peter Hershey

Distinguished man with gray hair and wearing a blue suit smiles in an official setting

Beyer, Udall, Environmental Groups Host Conversation With E.O. Wilson On Protecting Wildlife Corridors

AlexandriaNews ran a piece about our successful event on Capitol Hill with esteemed biologist Dr. E.O. Wilson. The event, titled “Wildlife Corridors and Saving America’s Biodiversity with E.O. Wilson,” attracted roughly 500 participants—including members of Congress. Photo: Peter Hershey