A mother bear sits with her cub in grass near Alaskan river. Six other bears wander the landscape in the background.

Because we all need WILD PLACES to thrive.
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Photo: Thomas D. Mangelsen

Wildlands Network is reconnecting nature in North America.

Here's how we do it:

A small, fuzzy bear with black fur is pictured peering out from behind a tree branch.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our fall fundraising campaign, Connected, Wild, and Free!

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Photo: William C. Gladish

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Latest News

Learn about our latest campaigns, action alerts, and wild happenings from Capitol Hill to the U.S.-Mexico borderlands on The Wildlands Network Blog.

Latest News

News: A Ray of Hope for Wildlife and People in the Borderlands

At a roundtable discussion of borderlands issues led by Sen. Bernie Sanders earlier this week, our borderlands program coordinator left with a little more hope about an equitable future for both wildlife and people in the area, as compassionate elected officials work to protect this unique region. Photo: Courtesy of Myles Traphagen

Trusting Wildness

With a nostalgic nod to Wild Earth journal, Trusting Wildness provides an intellectual home for the blending of conservation biology, activism, and ethics.

This black and white photo shows two men kneeling in front of several wolf hides, hung from the ceiling.

Rewilding Literature

In this republished essay, author Paula MacKay explores how writers can use their prose to promote compassion for carnivores—and advance their conservation. Photo: Arizona Historical Society

Blonde woman in red blouse hugs a reddish dog standing in front of her, with coastal community in the background

Coyote Champion: An Interview with Camilla Fox

In this exclusive Wildlands Network interview, conservationist Camilla Fox discusses her new film about wildlife killing contests and her work to protect coyotes and other carnivores. Photo: Joshua Asel

Apex Campaigns

Wildlands Network leads critical on-the-ground campaigns to protect wildlife and wild places.

Current Apex Campaigns

A lynx looks back from atop a snowy hill.

Featured: Wild Cats Campaign

Over the past 200 years, people have brutally eliminated wild cats from much of their native range in North America, diminishing our natural heritage and damaging forest and plant communities as a result. Photo: Larry Masters

A wolf walks along a path.

Featured: Red Wolf Campaign

Only 30–50 red wolves currently exist in the wild, all of them inhabiting eastern North Carolina. Red wolves may soon be gone from the wild forever unless the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service takes urgent measures on their behalf. Photo: Wildlands Network

North American Wildways

Wildlife needs to be able to move freely in search of food, mates, and secure habitat. We're working across North America to re-establish vast wildways so wide-ranging animals like cougars, wolves, and wolverines can travel safely through the landscape.

Explore Our Wildways

Vegetated bridge spanning highway with forest and mountains on either side

An overpass designed specifically for wildlife reduces wildlife-vehicle collisions and helps animals cross the Trans-Canada HIghway at Banff National Park, Alberta. Photo: Adam Ford

Simplified North America map showing green paths of envisioned wildways: Fully across Alaska/Canada, down both coasts, throughout Southeast and Northeast to Great Lakes

Wildlands Policy

Wildlands Network is affecting policy-level change to help advance rewilding on-the-ground. As a science-informed organization, we advocate for new, science-driven laws and policies to protect North American wildlife and their habitats.

Lone pronghorn walking through a meadow of yellow flowers

Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act

If passed into law, the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act would channel unprecedented resources toward the creation of wildlife corridors nationwide. Let’s make it happen! Photo: Steve Hillebrand, USFWS

Join Us, For the Wild

To curb the current extinction crisis, we need to reconnect, restore, and rewild habitats across North America. Here are 2 important ways to get involved.

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