A solitary bear wades across a river at dusk with snowy mountains in the distance.

Now more than ever, we must come together to protect the wildlife and wild spaces we cherish.  Join us as we work to reconnect, restore and rewild North America so that life—in all its diversity—can thrive.

Latest Updates

News Releases: Colorado Senate Passes Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Wildlife Corridors

“Healthy and resilient wildlife populations, as well as connected natural landscapes, are the foundation of what makes Colorado so special. The same landscapes and species that contribute to the quality of life for Coloradans also draw visitors here who contribute greatly to state and local economies.”

News: Tenacious and Wide-ranging, Like Wolverines

The wolverine is a symbol of perseverance in the natural world, traversing immense distances over rough terrain in order to survive and thrive. It’s no coincidence that Wildlands Network adopted the wolverine as the emblem of our approach to conservation.

Our Work

In this closeup shot, a red wolf stares straight at the camera, his ears alert and snout pointed downward.

Featured: Red Wolves

The red wolf once roamed freely from New York to Texas, yet today it is the most endangered mammal in the United States. Currently, as few as 20 surviving individuals exist in the wild.


We are affecting policy-level change to help advance rewilding on-the-ground. As a science-informed organization, we advocate for new, science-driven laws and policies to protect North American wildlife and their habitats.