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Eastern Wildway Network

Collaborators and Working Groups

The Eastern Wildway Network (EWN) brings together conservationists from across eastern North America to share information and collaborate on projects impossible to carry out without the strength of teamwork. Current participants represent the following groups:

In addition, EWN participants have established several Working Groups to advance our mission:

  • Our Steering Committee provides advice and insight to EWN and all of its working groups. Drawing from decades of large-landscape collaborative experience, committee members help to guide the evolution of EWN and keep us true to our mission and vision.
  • The Vision & Goals working group lays the foundation for a strong Network. This group refines our goals and helps develop the resource materials and ideas necessary to bring the Eastern Wildway to fruition.
  • In order to identify and select the network of cores and corridors comprising the Eastern Wildway, our Mapping team compiles existing studies, employs cutting-edge technology, and prioritizes expert-driven information collected over decades. Using the best available science, this team helps us hone in on the places most in need of conservation.
  • Carnivores are integral to healthy, functioning landscapes. The Carnivore working group brings together top experts in the field to help restore native carnivores in the Eastern Wildway. The group also works with federal and state agencies, conservation groups, landowners, and other partners to promote coexistence between human communities and our wild neighbors.
  • Building off of the national Connectivity Policy Coalition, the Policy working group strives to ensure that important cores and corridors are adequately protected, wildlife road crossings are funded and implemented, and apex carnivores are awarded the respect and protection they deserve.

To learn more about or to join the Eastern Wildway Network, please contact Maggie Ernest, or 914-536-1099.