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Connectivity Policy Coalition

The Connectivity Policy Coalition (CPC) shapes and inspires national wildlife corridor legislation, administrative policy, and state-based initiatives that promote habitat connectivity for wildlife. Since Wildlands Network formed the CPC in 2008, the coalition has grown to include more than 25 national and regional conservation organizations working to craft and implement policies to advance habitat connectivity.

Our current priorities are to:

  • collaborate with members of Congress to advance national legislation aimed at protecting wildlife corridors;
  • work with the Department of the Interior and other federal agencies to develop protections for corridors and connectivity for wildlife;
  • influence federal efforts to protect large landscapes as a mitigation and adaption response to climate change;
  • improve federal land management by integrating habitat connectivity for all species into U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management plans;
  • ensure that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protects wildlife and endangered species, especially migratory species such as elk and pronghorn and large carnivores such as grizzlies, wolves, and wolverines;
  • facilitate the engagement of local conservation groups in important federal land and wildlife management decisions.

Access letters, fact sheets and other materials related to the CPC’s efforts here.¬†

The following organizations participate with the CPC, which is coordinated by Wildlands Network.