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Kim Crumbo

Kim Crumbo looks off screen while facing the camera, a big grin across his face. He's got a blue t-shirt on with a green baseball cap.

Kim Crumbo cultivates partnerships with an eclectic array of conservationists in his work to implement the Western Wildway. Among his responsibilities, he helps to initiate new wilderness and national monument designations, leads recovery efforts for the Mexican wolf and other keystone species, and serves as Director of Conservation for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council.

Kim served 20 years with the National Park Service in Grand Canyon, first as a river ranger and later as Wilderness Coordinator. He also worked as a river guide for a decade, and as Utah Wilderness Coordinator for the Sierra Club for 2 years. Beginning in 2000, Kim assumed various roles with the Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, including a stint as the northern representative for the Arizona Wilderness Coalition. Before working on rivers and in wilderness activism, he spent 4 years with the Navy’s SEAL Team One, completing two combat deployments in Vietnam.

Kim enjoys hiking and rafting the wildlands of the West from his home base in Flagstaff, Arizona. His interests include listening to music ranging from jazz to classical to rock and roll, literature and history, good movies, and conversations and adventures with friends and family.