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Juan Carlos Bravo

Juan Carlos smiles as he poses in a desert valley.

Juan Carlos Bravo (JC) leads our projects and campaigns in Mexico, where he advocates for improved conservation in the Sky Islands and northern Sierra Madre Occidental regions; works with land owners to advance the practice of private lands stewardship; collaborates with transportation authorities to develop wildlife crossings; and provides partners, media, and key decision makers with information related to habitat connectivity and keystone species protection in both Mexico and the U.S. He led the campaigns that restored legal protections to the Bavispe reserve and prevented road developments on the Cocóspera river; he advocates for wildlife and connectivity in regional planning, interprets conservation issues and approaches for U.S. audiences, and leads the effort to increase our presence in Mexico with new staff in Sonora and Mexico City.

JC was born in Mexico City and cultivated an early love of nature by exploring forests in Valle de Bravo. He studied graphic communications at University of Mexico until he found his calling in conservation. JC worked for the nonprofit Naturalia for 15 years, spearheading numerous projects in northwestern Mexico—including the establishment of the Northern Jaguar Reserve—and a joint project with the Yaqui people to increase tribal capacity for protecting the jaguars of Sierra Bacatete. He participated in Mexico’s first wolf reintroduction in 2011, and contributed to the conservation of beavers and prairie dogs in the San Pedro River—a shared tributary of the Gila that flows from Sonora to Arizona.

JC lives in Hermosillo, Sonora with his wife, their daughter, and their two dogs. He is passionate about cooking, reading, drawing, hiking, and running—and he dreams of a day when he can live surrounded by pine trees in cooler climates.