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Our Mission

Wildlands Network works to reconnect, restore and rewild North America so that life—in all its diversity—can thrive.

Nature is intimately connected. When one component is changed or lost it can have enduring consequences for the entire system. This interdependence is part of what makes our natural world so remarkable, but also emphasizes the importance of ecosystems remaining intact and unaltered.

It was this understanding that, in 1991, led Michael Soulé, Reed Noss, Jim Estes and other preeminent scientists to establish an organization devoted to the continental-scale conservation of core habitat and migration corridors for wildlife. Known today as Wildlands Network, we share our founders’ mission of reconnecting, restoring and rewilding North America so that life—in all its diversity—can thrive. Our work is founded in science, driven by fieldwork and furthered through strategic policy and partnerships.

With staff based across the United States and in Mexico, Wildlands Network has been at the forefront of continental-scale conservation for 30 years. The core principle of all we do is this: if protected areas are connected with healthy habitats on a continental scale, our treasured native plants and animals will thrive—as will life-supporting ecological processes like carbon storage and pollination. Our work has inspired the establishment of similar organizations across the world, and our commitment to the prosperity of wildlife and wild spaces is emboldened in the face of the challenges of our rapidly developing world.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to create a vibrant and sustainable future for nature, which is built upon the following key tenets:

  1. Humans see themselves as part of nature with the responsibility to safeguard the long-term viability of the natural world.
  2. Governments across North America adopt policies to ensure the protection of restored wildlife habitat and connectivity at a landscape-scale.
  3. Local communities invest in policies and projects that enable them to live in harmony with nature.
  4. All people have access to information and the tools they need to protect nature in their community.
  5. Communities across North America are stable, just, equitable, and inclusive with the desire to support a connected and resilient natural world. 

Learn more about our strategic initiatives here.