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About Continental Wildways

For 30 years, Wildlands Network has been committed to creating a better future for wildlife across North America. Since our founding, we have advocated for continental networks of continuous habitat and movement corridors as a key solution to preserving healthy ecosystems. Using foundational principles of conservation biology, our founders identified the core natural areas on which native animals depend, and the corridors that connect them. We call them Wildways. This innovative concept has fundamentally shaped the work and goals of conservation communities operating in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Today, we continue to build on that legacy. Using the most advanced technology and scientific expertise, our on-the-ground research and collaborative projects are making strides towards restoring and protecting wildlife habitat across North America. We design Wildway maps to show areas in North America that are most important for the long-term health of wildlife populations—helping state and federal agencies, conservation partners, private landowners and other stakeholders focus their conservation efforts for the greatest impact.

We invite you to explore North America’s Wildways and learn how the places you love are important to our vision of a connected, vibrant future for native wildlife.

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