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Eastern Wildway

Once as wild as anywhere on Earth, Eastern North America is now a patchwork of protected lands sown into a human-dominated landscape. Conservationists have long dreamed of restoring a vast network of wildlands in this region, from the Acadian forests of Maritime Canada to the subtropical Everglades of Florida.

Map of North America with location dots and group names

Western Wildway

In western North America, Wildlands Network envisions the world’s most extensive network of protected, connected lands: the 6,000-mile Western Wildway. Achieving this grand vision will require coordinated conservation across international borders to the north and the south.

Pacific Wildway

From Baja, Mexico north to Prince William Sound extends one of the longest and wildest chains of mountain ranges in the world. This largely unbroken chain is draped with a rich diversity of plant life and roamed by some of the most charismatic wildlife in North America. In northern British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains and the Continue reading “Pacific Wildway”