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TAKE ACTION: Support Bill to Make Wildlife Crossings Mandatory in Mexico

It looks like Mexico might take a major step in support of common-sense wildlife crossing infrastructures.

This 3-D model shows a wildlife bridge connecting two wild areas over a highway.
Wildlands Network’s 3-D rendering of a wildlife overpass on Highway 2.

Congressman Germán Ralis (Movimiento Ciudadano – Jalisco) has introduced a bill to amend Mexico’s Roads, Bridges and Federal Auto-transport Law so that wildlife crossings become mandatory for new roads.

You can take action by using the form below to send an email to the members of the transportation committee letting them know you support the bill. Feel free to personalize the email in your own words.

*Please note: If you are an international supporter, please select your country first. Then you will be able to select your state/province.