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Western Wildway Public Lands Planning Atlas

Wildlands Network is providing tools and leadership for conservationists to increase habitat connectivity on public lands in the Western Wildway.

Public Lands Planning Atlas

This interactive map identifies public lands planning areas with opportunities for advancing the protection of wildlife corridors along the U.S. portion of the 6,000-mile Western Wildway. The atlas highlights 20 regional wildlife corridors essential to reconnecting this continental wildway.

Providing comments during these planning processes will help U.S. agencies—Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—recognize the need for protecting essential wildlife corridors and landscape connectivity.

In addition, our Public Lands Planning Details enable you to view the listings of updated public lands, review public comments that have already been submitted, and access other relevant documents.

Please contact Western Conservation Director Kim Crumbo,, if you have corrections or additions you would like to see posted.

Click on outlined/shaded public lands to view planning information about each area.

Launch Planning Atlas
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Planning for Connectivity Guide

Wildlands Network and our partners created this comprehensive guide to help people navigate the complex connectivity requirements associated with the U.S. Forest Service’s forest planning process.