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Thank You for Your Contribution!

A grizzly bear walks across a meadow covered with flowers.
Photo: William C. Gladish

We’re so grateful you decided to support Wildlands Network. Thank you for your confidence in our work!

You’ve just made a difference to North America’s wild nature. And because of your support, Wildlands Network can fight on to protect and reconnect our majestic landscapes, and to lend a voice to the critters who can’t read our maps or comprehend our boundaries.

Please stay connected with us and browse our website to read more about how you are helping change the face of conservation action through policy, science, and collaboration. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

You should receive an email receipt of your gift, as well as an acknowledgement letter in the mail. If you prefer not to receive acknowledgements in the mail, please contact to update your preferences.