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Thank Secretary Zinke for Listening to You

behind green tree tops in the forefront, a view of granite canyons.
A view of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. Photo: Julia Walz

In response to the overwhelming public opposition to a large increase in fees to a small subset of “popular” national parks, the Department of Interior instead proposed increasing fees at a smaller rate at the 117 national park units that currently charge a fee.

Secretary Zinke cited the public’s overwhelming opposition to the fee increase as one of the reasons he reconsidered the original fee hike proposal. His decision is evidence that we—the public—must continue to play an active role in managing our own resources. They belong to us, after all.

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Take a moment to thank Secretary Zinke for listing to the American public. Encourage him to keep listening to the voice of the people. Together, we can make a difference!