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Take Action for Wildlife Corridors in Utah

Update: As of March 11, 2020, this resolution passed the Utah State Legislature with strong bipartisan support! Read more here. Thank you to all who took action to support this crucial legislation!

Wildlife-vehicle collisions are an expensive impediment to human and wildlife safety across the United States. Over 14-year period, the Utah Highway Patrol reported nearly 30,500 wildlife-vehicle collisions, resulting in 2,030 human injuries and 18 deaths.

The State of Utah has a unique and timely opportunity to create a better future for people and wildlife through HCR013.

The resolution, sponsored by Representative Mike Schultz (R-12) and Senator Hinkins (R-27), recognizes the necessity for healthy ecosystems to support crucial sectors of Utah’s economy, help address biodiversity decline, and encourages city and local governments to adopt policies that protect and restore wildlife connectivity and migration corridors. The resolution additionally encourages state agencies and universities to study where wildlife migration corridors exist within the state and how best to protect these corridors.

This legislation is a paramount stepping-stone in ensuring that populations of native wildlife like deer, elk and black bears can safely traverse their habitats in Utah. Urge your Utah state legislators TODAY to support this critically important bill to protect all of Utah’s residents, both human and wild.