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Strategic Initiatives

In order to advance our long-term vision, we are prioritizing the following five program areas over the next five years:

1. Wildway Landscape Protection

To maintain the physical and biological integrity of three continental Wildways, we facilitate the protection or restoration of key parcels and ecosystems in North America.

2. Advancing Biodiversity Law and Policy

Sustainable conservation gains must be supported by governments via laws, regulations and programs. We advance the adoption of legal frameworks built around the needs of nature.

3. Natural Systems Research and Analysis

Science-based data and analysis are the foundation for conservation actions in a changing world. We focus on building the data and protocols necessary for science-driven conservation projects and policy.

4. Ensuring Safe Passage for Wildlife

Connected landscapes are fundamental to the ability for nature to thrive and evolve. We advance mitigation solutions to reduce, minimize, or eliminate the habitat fragmentation and wildlife mortality caused by human infrastructure.

5. Recovery of Carnivores

Carnivore species provide top-down pressure on other wildlife populations and indirectly support a diversity of life on the landscape. We advance strategies to protect and restore carnivores across North American landscapes.