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Wildlands Network’s Comments on Federal Proposal to Delist Gray Wolves

The USFWS proposal to delist the gray wolf and remove it from Endangered Species Act protections does not represent the best-available science pertaining to wolf conservation, nor does it represent the views of the majority of Americans. In addition, delisting wolves at this time will set a poor precedent for hundreds of other species whose well-being depends on proper implementation of the ESA. We, conservationists and wildlife managing agencies, must get wolf recovery right by developing a healthy, scientifically credible relationship with wolves, recognizing the important role they play in our ecosystems and refraining from unjustified persecution. Our actions will be judged by future generations of Americans for the kind of relationship we forge with wolves and the fair treatment of our fellow citizens who are impacted by wolves in a genuinely negative manner. Those relationships, whatever they may be, will say much about the kind of people we are. The American people are supportive of this work and we are more than able to accomplish it.

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