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Across Borders: Challenges and Successes of Landscape Conservation and Mexico Webinar

We presented the webinar on August 22, 2018 about how differences in Mexico’s culture, laws, and land tenure present unique challenges and opportunities to large scale conservation efforts, and how we’re making progress in the borderlands region. Juan Carlos Bravo, Wildlands Network’s Director of the Mexico Program, discusses our exciting road ecology work to make Mexico’s Highway 2 more permeable to wildlife, community-based carnivore-friendly ranching models in northern Mexico, our efforts to save thick-billed parrots and jaguars, and our citizen science initiative introducing urban populations to wildlife for the very first time.

Pacific Wildway Webinar

We presented the webinar on May 21, 2018 about the Pacific Wildway. Wildlands Network’s Executive Director, Greg Costello, Pacific Program Director Jessica Walz Schafer, and Education and Engagement Coordinator Rebecca Hunter discuss our goals, education and outreach plans, and how to get involved.

Wildlands Connection: Spring 2018

In this issue, we introduce our newly-launched Pacific Wildway, which aims to reconnect, restore and rewild the landscape from British Columbia to Baja California. We also discuss the successful Border BioBlitz, when volunteers logged more than 2,200 observations of 800 different species across the U.S.-Mexico border. Finally, you’ll also learn about our new elk collaring project in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.