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Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act Fact Sheet 2019

Many species in the US are declining. Scientists estimate that one in five species are at risk of extinction. One of the greatest threats to species survival and diversity is the loss, degradation, and fragmentation of natural habitats. America’s landscapes are losing species, becoming biologically unproductive and unhealthy because native habitats have become islands, cutoff from other landscapes and waterways, unable to sustain vital natural processes, such as: dispersal, migration, genetic exchange, acquisition of resources, population stability, and climate adaptation, among others.

Draft Pacific Wildway Map

This is a draft preview of our Pacific Wildway Map, the first phase of which will be ready to share this spring! Working with a team of scientists at the University of Washington, we are making steady progress toward mapping landscape connectivity in the Pacific Northwest to help prioritize conservation efforts to protect wildlife—now and into the future. The Pacific Wildway Map will highlight vital linkages for species traversing the landscape as it undergoes climatic changes. Using the map as a guiding tool, we will be able to identify critical gaps where connectivity could be greatly enhanced, offering crucial protections for imperiled species like wolverines.

Pacific Wildway Highlights August 2018

The Pacific Wildway Highlights Newsletter collects some of the news and accomplishments from our partners around the Wildway. This edition from August 2018 includes stories about Wildlands Network’s Pacific Northwest mapping project, Wildlands Network’s presentation at the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, and Cascade Forest Conservancy’s beaver reintroduction project.

Pacific Wildway Webinar

We presented the webinar on May 21, 2018 about the Pacific Wildway. Wildlands Network’s Executive Director, Greg Costello, Pacific Program Director Jessica Walz Schafer, and Education and Engagement Coordinator Rebecca Hunter discuss our goals, education and outreach plans, and how to get involved.

Group Sign-On Letter: Transparency and Timeliness in WDFW Public Notifications of Wolf News

In this group sign-on letter, Wildlands Network and 13 other conservation groups express concern about transparency and timely notification issues by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW/Department) on wolf news. The signees ask the Department to take immediate steps to ensure transparency and timeliness going forward.