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Raise Your Voice for Mexican Wolves

4 adorable brown and white pups sitting in the grass
Photo: Juan Carlos Bravo

Wolves used to roam across the Western Wildway, but there are only a few populations still remaining. These existing wolf populations are critical to the long-term success of wolf recovery across the Wildway – they must be protected and connected across the landscape.

Today, you can help us reach protect and reconnect these isolated wolf populations by speaking up on behalf of Mexican wolves in the U.S. and Mexico. We must ensure government officials protect wolves in the wild and adopt sound management to allow for recovery in the wild.

Mexican Wolves Need Your Support

For years, scientists have advocated that a recovery plan for Mexican wolves provide adequate population targets and connected breeding populations of wolves distributed across core habitat areas in the Southwest. Instead of adopting these recommendations, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has created a draft recovery plan that limits the number of wolves in the wild and the areas in which they can roam. The plan would allow political calculations to drive wolf management. In short, this draft recovery plan is a plan for managing extinction, not recovery.

Please, take a moment today to use our comment portal and let the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service know that the public supports science-driven wolf management. Comments are due by Tuesday, August 29. 

UPDATE: August 30, 2017

Comments are now closed. Please read official comments submitted by Wildlands Network.

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