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Protecting 30 by 30

Wildlife populations cannot persist, much less thrive without intact, quality habitat.

Across North America, biodiversity is declining. Damaged and fragmented wildlife habitat caused by human development threatens the survival of native wildlife, fish and plants. With climate change rapidly accelerating this habitat degradation, landscape-scale conservation plans that protect vital wildlife habitat and migration corridors are more important than ever.

Wildlands Network was founded on a vision of conserving habitat for all wildlife species. To achieve this vision, our founders understood that we must protect at least 50% of lands and waters to give plants and animals the best shot at survival. Today, Wildlands Network joins a global movement committed to achieving 30% protection of lands and waters by 2030, or “30 by 30″— a necessary and timely first step to reaching the ultimate goal of protecting 50% by 2050.

Current laws and policy designed to protect wildlife and habitat are outdated and insufficient to meet the current scale of habitat loss. 30 by 30 presents an opportunity to revitalize the legal frameworks governing our natural world. With science-based research and analysis, informed policy recommendations and strategic partnerships, Wildlands Network is restoring connected networks of wildlife habitat to reverse species decline across North America. We are committed to advancing innovative solutions to that better enable humans to live in harmony with nature.

To reach the goal of preserving 30% of land and water by 2030, Wildlands Network will:

  1. Develop specific law and policy proposals for local, state and federal governments that focus on long-term biodiversity and land protection.
  2. Use spatial analysis and research to determine which lands are already protected and prioritize areas in need of protection.
  3. Pursue on-the-ground restoration and protection in priority areas.