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Protect Wildlife Corridors in Virginia

Update: As of February 25, 2020, this bill passed the Virginia State Legislature with strong bipartisan support, making Virginia among the first states to adopt a comprehensive program to identify wildlife corridors. Read more here. Thank you to all who took action to support this crucial legislation!

Wildlife-vehicle collisions are an expensive impediment to human and wildlife safety across the United States. In Virginia alone, more than 61,000 deer-related crashes occur each year, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Wildlife corridors and crossings area a scientifically-proven solution to allowing animals to move safely through the landscape, thereby reducing vehicle collisions. The Commonwealth of Virginia has a unique and timely opportunity to create a better future for people and wildlife through SB 1004 and HB 1695.

A mother black bear and her cubs in Shenandoah National Park. Photo: Bram

The bill, sponsored by Senator David Marsden and Delegate David Bulova , requires the creation of a Wildlife Corridor Action Plan (WCAP) to identify priority projects across Virginia to protect and enhance wildlife corridors. The Bill will also encourage the Virginia Department of Transportation to consider the impact of road projects on wildlife corridors.

This legislation is a paramount stepping-stone in ensuring that populations of native wildlife like deer, elk and black bears can safely traverse their habitats in Virginia. Urge your Virginia state legislators TODAY to support this critically important bill to protect all of Virginia’s residents, both human and wild.

We need some basic information, including your address, to connect you with the legislators who represent your area. This particular call to action is only available to residents of Virginia. To take action for wildlife corridors across the United States, you can voice your support for the federal Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act here.