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Samantha Thomas

Specializing in donor relationships, Samantha is focused on building a stronger and more efficient development operation, particularly grants management and donor profile acquisition, as well as acknowledgements and strategic data system management.

From Salt Lake City, she graduated from the University of Utah with dual degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Sustainability and a Bachelor of Science in International Studies. After becoming certified as a Wilderness First Responder, she worked in the Greater Yellowstone at the Taft Nicholson Center of Humanities as an environmental educator alongside the Nature Conservancy and Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, promoting conservation and environmental education. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Lander, Wyoming, where she worked at the National Outdoor Leadership School as a web development intern.

A self described jack-of-all-trades, Samantha trail runs, embroiders, shoots film, listens to audiobooks, bikes, practices ASL, creates a new Spotify playlist every week, and bakes cookies.