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Phil Carter

As the wildlife policy coordinator for the southwest region of the U.S., Phil Carter coordinates policy reform and public engagement for wildlife conservation and habitat connectivity within New Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. through partnerships with state, federal, and tribal policymakers and stakeholders’ groups. He also works to advance wildlife and habitat conservation initiatives at the state level.

Born and raised in rural Missouri, Phil moved to New Mexico not long after the turn of the century, inspired by a lifelong love of the mountains and deserts of the Southwestern U.S. There, Phil engaged in twin interests of environmentalism and politics, including advocating for wilderness and Mexican wolves and working to elect conservation champions, including then-Rep. Martin Heinrich. Since then, he has worked in animal and environmental policy and political organizing.

In his free time, Phil engages in hands-on habitat restoration work with groups including Albuquerque Wildlife Federation, which takes him to some of his favorite places like the Valles Caldera National Preserve, the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, and the San Mateo Mountains. Phil and his wife, Kristina, live in Santa Fe with their two cats.