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Karen Beazley

Karen smiles as she runs a race in winter, dressed in gloves, warm hat and light jacket. Snow is visible near the raceway behind her.

Karen Beazley is Full Professor at Dalhousie University’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she has also served as Director and as Academic Program Coordinator since1998.

Karen’s scholarship and advocacy integrate science and ethics. They are rooted in home place through a bioregional perspective, nested from local to regional to continental, and in the context of large-scale and long-term processes such as climate change. From her youth exploring the tidal bays, forests, and lakes of Nova Scotia, to her discovery of native prairie and Carolinian forests in southern Ontario, to her backcountry hiking and canoeing adventures in boreal Canada, Karen has long been deeply connected with biodiversity. These bonds have been deepened and broadened through adulthood. Her wilderness and scholarly pursuits across the globe encompass the Rockies, American southwest deserts and canyons, South African plains, marine waters of the Atlantic, and ecosystems in India, China, Belize and Spain.

Previously, Karen was a Landscape Architect in Toronto and Guelph, Ontario, winning American, Canadian, and Ontario professional awards for her designs. She holds degrees in Landscape Architecture and Geography, and an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Biology, Philosophy, and Environmental Studies. She is co-author of the edited volume, Politics of the Wild: Canada and Endangered Species, and has published numerous scholarly articles in journals, including Conservation Biology, Environmental Conservation, Ecological Applications, Environmental Reviews, Natural Areas Journal, Wild Earth, Biodiversity and Conservation, and many others.

Karen’s research interests include biodiversity conservation system planning, protected area selection and delineation, regional habitat connectivity planning, and environmental ethics. In addition to her scholarly work, Karen serves on several boards, including the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas, and is Chair of the Nova Scotia Crown Share Land Legacy Trust. In her spare time, Karen trains as an age-group triathlete, and has competed as part of Team Canada in International Triathlon Union World Championship triathlons and duathlons in France, Spain, and Canada. She won a bronze medal in 2013.