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David Johns

David Johns stands at the edge of a forested valley, smiling at the camera.

David Johns is a cofounder of Wildlands Network and Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, and has formerly served as President of both organizations. He is involved in other large-scale conservation projects and has advised conservation non-profits in the Russian Far East, Australia, Europe, southern Africa, and throughout North America.

David has written and spoken widely on the integration of science and advocacy. He served on the board of the Society for Conservation Biology from 2005–2014, and is a cofounder of the Conservation Biology Institute. Veteran of many issue-based and electoral campaigns, David is author of A New Conservation Politics: Power, Organization Building and Effectiveness (2009)—a guide for conservationists who want to better ensure that science and conservation values influence policy. He has been widely published in Conservation Biology, Environmental Ethics, Wild Earth, Science, other journals and edited volumes, editorial columns, and news analyses. He was 2007 recipient of the Denver Zoological Foundation’s Conservation Award.

David served in the Office of Secretary of Transportation in the last year of the Carter Administration, working in part on environmental law issues. A teacher of politics and law at Portland State University’s Hatfield School of Government, he earned degrees in Political Science and Anthropology from Portland State University and in Political Science and Law from Columbia University—where he was also an International Fellow and Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, and earned a Parker Certificate in Comparative Law. He has taught courses at the Institute for Policy Studies and at Oregon State University.