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Christine Laporte

A woman in a helmet and sunglasses stands next to a horse with a saddle on a paved pathway in bright sunlight.

As Eastern Wildway Director, Christine Laporte works closely with the Eastern Wildway team and our many partners to advance connectivity conservation from Florida to Quebec.

The principles and ethics of rewilding and coexistence form the foundation of her professional and personal motivations. Christine holds a Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Warren Wilson College (with a double concentration in zoology and visual art) and a Master’s in wildlife conservation from Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, studying predation by wild hogs (Sus scrofa) on endangered loggerhead sea turtle nests on Ossabaw Island Natural Heritage Preserve, Georgia.  She has extensive experience in video and film production, managing regional conservation and research initiatives, teaching college-level experiential field studies, and urban youth environmental education. She serves as a consultant with a private philanthropy and is a founding board member of western North Carolina’s only wildlife rehabilitation triage center.

Christine lives with her family in Asheville, North Carolina, where most folks are willing to coexist with bears, coyotes, and other wildlife. Her favorite adventures involve witnessing wondrous phenology on our exquisite planet, preferably on horseback or in water.