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Kim Howes

Kim works to raise awareness and funds for Wildlands Network. She is an advocate for preserving wild landscapes and protecting wildlife populations through science-based strategies.

Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo, Senior Conservation Specialist for the Mexico Program, advocates for the establishment of new protected areas in northwest Mexico and for the improvement of their management.

A girl in a white, long-sleeved shirt with her hands on her hips and her blonde hair in a braid draped over her left shoulder stands in front of a green, grassy field.

Carly Creef-Alexander

Carly works as the Coastal Plain Conservationist for Wildlands Network in southeastern North Carolina. Her focus is on landowner outreach to show support and tolerance for the red wolf recovery program. Carly works with Ron Sutherland and Emily Blanchard to gather evidence of red wolves coexisting with other wildlife in the red wolf recovery area through our camera trapping project.

Cecilia Aguilar

As a road ecologist, Cecilia helps achieve the goals of our Highway 2 project (part of the Mexico Program), participating in field trips for wildlife monitoring, collecting and interpreting GIS data, interacting with landowners and conservation groups, and organizing road ecology workshops.

A woman in a helmet and sunglasses stands next to a horse with a saddle on a paved pathway in bright sunlight.

Christine Laporte

As Eastern Wildway Director, Christine Laporte works closely with the Eastern Wildway team and our many partners to advance connectivity conservation from Florida to Quebec.

Danielle Fisher

Danielle Fisher

Danielle is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic direction for Wildlands Network’s communications program. She works in close collaboration with program directors, philanthropy team and leadership to identify and elevate the stories of Wildlands’ work across North America.

Ed Marx

Ed Marx serves as Northeast Wildlands Ambassador. He conducts outreach and develops collaborative partnerships in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and New Hampshire. Ed also contributes to public policy, landscape analysis and road ecology project development in support of the Eastern Wildway.

Gabby Saunders

As a communications specialist for Wildlands Network, Gabby creates strategic communications plans to support our wildlife conservation and policy campaigns in the southwest region.

Gerardo Tallavas

Gerardo Tallavas

As a member of the Wildlands Network’s Mexico Program, Gerardo Tallavas coordinates the work of NOSSA, a learning group made up of civil society organizations that seek the conservation of Northwest Mexico.

Gina Chacon

As the policy coordinator for Wildlands Network’s Mexico Program, Gina Ileana Chacon works to increase support for private lands conservation, federal Natural Protected Areas, wildlife corridors, and improved enforcement practices around wildlife protections.

Greg, half-turned toward the camera, smiles while on safari in Africa, with elephants visible behind him.

Greg Costello

Greg oversees Wildlands Network’s conservation programs and advises program staff on strategic project design. 

Jenny Oren headshot

Jenny Oren

Jenny is a policy intern for Wildlands Network, working with the Eastern Wildway policy team to help develop connectivity conservation initiatives in Virginia and North Carolina.

Jessica smiles widely at the camera as she stands in front of a rushing waterfall, visible over her right shoulder.

Jessica Walz Schafer

Jessica Walz Schafer serves as the coordinator for Wildlands Network’s law and policy program and its growing efforts in the Pacific Northwest. She also works as a consultant with various other environmental non-profits.

Juan Carlos smiles as he poses in a desert valley.

Juan Carlos Bravo

Juan Carlos Bravo is expanding the Western Wildway into the northern Sierra Madre Occidental by collaborating with Mexican conservation groups and raising awareness in the U.S. about challenges to achieving habitat connectivity in Mexico. He has a keen interest in organizational development and fundraising.

Katie Davis

As Executive Director, Katie oversees the operations and programs of the organization. She works closely with Wildlands Network’s board of directors to ensures the financial health of the organization and leads long-term organization strategic program development and planning.

Kim Crumbo looks off screen while facing the camera, a big grin across his face. He's got a blue t-shirt on with a green baseball cap.

Kim Crumbo

Kim Crumbo cultivates partnerships with an eclectic array of conservationists in his work to implement the Western Wildway. Among his responsibilities, he helps to initiate new wilderness and national monument designations, leads recovery efforts for the Mexican wolf and other keystone species, and serves as Director of Conservation for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council.

Liz Hillard

Liz Hillard helps direct and manage the study design, implementation, and analysis of our road ecology research focused on the important Pigeon River Gorge/Interstate 40 corridor within the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. In addition, she works to build partnerships and engage the public in habitat connectivity and conservation efforts throughout the Southern Appalachian region.

Meg Naumann

Meg leads Wildlands Network’s major gift initiative, with over 20 years’ experience working in philanthropy in the nonprofit sector. Her focus is working across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada to secure transformative gifts and strategically raise funds for programs and policy. She works closely with the Chief Development Officer to cultivate and steward our best donors and acquire new donors.

Mirna Manteca

As Road Ecology Coordinator for the Mexico Program, Mirna is responsible for leading our Highway 2 project in order to enhance connectivity through the borderland region. 

Myles Traphagen

Myles Traphagen coordinates Wildlands Network’s borderlands program, with a focus on channeling collaborative efforts to maintain and restore habitat for species like jaguar, black bear and Sonoran pronghorn. He oversees strategic partnerships, communications and projects to advance large-landscape conservation goals in Mexico and the United States.

Phil Carter

As the wildlife policy coordinator for the southwest region of the U.S., Phil Carter coordinates policy reform and public engagement for wildlife conservation and habitat connectivity within New Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. through partnerships with state, federal, and tribal policymakers and stakeholders’ groups. He also works to advance wildlife and habitat conservation initiatives at the state level.

Ron smiles wide at the camera on a beach in sunset.

Ron Sutherland

Dr. Ron Sutherland leads the development of new habitat connectivity models for the southeastern U.S., and coordinates efforts to map the entire Eastern Wildway. He also directs an extensive camera-trapping project in the red wolf recovery area in North Carolina, and is an enthusiastic public advocate for red wolf conservation.

Samantha Thomas

Specializing in donor relationships, Samantha is focused on building a stronger and more efficient development operation, particularly grants management and donor profile acquisition, as well as acknowledgements and strategic data system management.

Susan Holmes

Susan Holmes coordinates the Connectivity Policy Coalition, which promotes policies to protect wildlife corridors and core habitat. She is also working to secure national monument designations in the Western Wildway, enhance protections for keystone carnivores, and incorporate wildlife connectivity into federal climate strategies.

Taylor Thurman

Taylor Thurman

As Operations Coordinator, Taylor Thurman works closely with the Associate Director to oversee and design the administrative operations of Wildlands Network as the organization continues to expand.

Tracey poses in front of the Charleston, South Carolina bridge, with blue ocean water visible just behind her.

Tracey Butcher

Tracey Butcher is responsible for Wildlands’ fundraising projects, event coordination, and major gifts program. Her passion for conservation and her extensive experience working with the public through zoos and her private safari business help garner new support for Wildlands Network.