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Greg, half-turned toward the camera, smiles while on safari in Africa, with elephants visible behind him.

Greg Costello

Greg Costello, Executive Director, provides the strategic direction for Wildlands Network programs and management. He also lends his expertise as an environmental attorney to the Connectivity Policy Coalition, initiated by Wildlands Network in 2008.

A girl with shoulder-length hair, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, leans on a short wooden pole in the middle of a grassy field, with a mountain range extending to the horizon behind the girl.

Emily Blanchard

At Wildlands Network, Emily helps manage a portfolio of field research projects, including camera trapping in the red wolf recovery area in eastern North Carolina, bridge monitoring for wildlife in Durham, and elk movements with GPS collars in western North Carolina. In addition, she assists with GIS mapping and managing a North Carolina wildlife roads working group. She also leads the student Red Wolf Working Group in the Durahm-Chapel Hill-Raliegh “Triangle” region of North Carolina.

Juan Carlos smiles as he poses in a desert valley.

Juan Carlos Bravo

Juan Carlos Bravo is expanding the Western Wildway into the northern Sierra Madre Occidental by collaborating with Mexican conservation groups and raising awareness in the U.S. about challenges to achieving habitat connectivity in Mexico. He has a keen interest in organizational development and fundraising.

In this close up, Kelly, who is wearing glasses, hugs her brown horse's neck.

Kelly Burke

Kelly Burke builds the broad and diverse partnerships necessary to sustain wildlife, landscape corridors, and connections between people and wild nature. She also serves as Executive Director for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council.

Tracey poses in front of the Charleston, South Carolina bridge, with blue ocean water visible just behind her.

Tracey Butcher

Tracey Butcher is responsible for Wildlands’ fundraising projects, event coordination, and major gifts program. Her passion for conservation and her extensive experience working with the public through zoos and her private safari business help garner new support for Wildlands Network.

A girl in a white, long-sleeved shirt with her hands on her hips and her blonde hair in a braid draped over her left shoulder stands in front of a green, grassy field.

Carly Creef-Alexander

Carly works as the Coastal Plain Conservationist for Wildlands Network in southeastern North Carolina. Her focus is on landowner outreach to show support and tolerance for the red wolf recovery program. Carly works with Ron Sutherland and Emily Blanchard to gather evidence of red wolves coexisting with other wildlife in the red wolf recovery area through our camera trapping project.

Kim Crumbo looks off screen while facing the camera, a big grin across his face. He's got a blue t-shirt on with a green baseball cap.

Kim Crumbo

Kim Crumbo cultivates partnerships with an eclectic array of conservationists in his work to implement the Western Wildway. Among his responsibilities, he helps to initiate new wilderness and national monument designations, leads recovery efforts for the Mexican wolf and other keystone species, and serves as Director of Conservation for Grand Canyon Wildlands Council.

Katie, with short strawberry blonde hair, stands in front of greenery in a dark blue denim button down.

Katie Davis

Katie Davis advances public lands and connectivity policy initiatives by collaborating with Western Wildway Network partners and providing on-the-ground leadership to campaigns and projects.

Alison Gordon smiles at the camera

Alison Gordon

Alison Gordon works with the development team to coordinate the major gifts program and donor campaigns. Her passion for conservation education and stewardship is the foundation for cultivating strong donor relations.

As Kimberly drives a car through open countryside, Alicia takes a selfie of them both. The wind whips their hair as they smile.

Alicia and Kimberly Healey

Alicia and Kimberly Healey, sisters by birth, are the Financial and Operations Team for Wildlands Network. As Finance Director, Alicia is responsible for counting dollars and cents (or sense), as well as for budgeting, human resources, informational technology, and organizational strategy. Kimberly supports bookkeeping activities, fundraising compliance, and development.

A smiling young woman in red shorts, a gray short-sleeved top, and a gray beanie stands in front of a foggy valley, with a brown dog perched beside her.

Liz Hillard

Liz Hillard helps direct and manage the study design, implementation, and analysis of our road ecology research focused on the important Pigeon River Gorge/Interstate 40 corridor within the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. In addition, she works to build partnerships and engage the public in habitat connectivity and conservation efforts throughout the Southern Appalachian region.

Susan Holmes

Susan Holmes coordinates the Connectivity Policy Coalition, which promotes policies to protect wildlife corridors and core habitat. She is also working to secure national monument designations in the Western Wildway, enhance protections for keystone carnivores, and incorporate wildlife connectivity into federal climate strategies.

A smiling girl in a red jacket and a green hat sits cross-legged on the forested floor and leans toward the camera.

Rebecca Hunter

Rebecca Hunter spearheads public engagement for Wildlands Network’s Pacific Wildway project. Rebecca mobilizes supporters and community members, develops connectivity education, and promotes wildlife advocacy in the Pacific project area. She also provides outreach for the Trusting Wildness blog.

A woman in a helmet and sunglasses stands next to a horse with a saddle on a paved pathway in bright sunlight.

Christine Laporte

Christine Laporte is the Senior Network Specialist for the Eastern Wildway, promoting connectivity conservation with key partners from Florida to Quebec, including along the Appalachian Trail.  The principles and ethics of rewilding and coexistence have always been her professional and personal motivations.

Paula smiles widely as she poses in front of a body of water in the Olympic Peninsula, with a rain jacket and hiking backpack on.

Paula MacKay

Paula MacKay began her professional relationship with Wildlands Network nearly two decades ago, when she served as a regional organizer for the Northeast office. She now helps manage communications from the Seattle office, coordinating special projects and editing content for print materials and the website.

This photo shows Katy standing with arms akimbo on a mountainside in Germany. A small village is visible behind her in the valley below the mountain.

Katy Schaffer

Katy Schaffer works with executive staff to engage community members in conservation efforts across the continent. She assists with development needs and maintains content for the Wildlands Network website and social media accounts.

Ron smiles wide at the camera on a beach in sunset.

Ron Sutherland

Dr. Ron Sutherland leads the development of new habitat connectivity models for the southeastern U.S., and coordinates efforts to map the entire Eastern Wildway. He also directs an extensive camera-trapping project in the red wolf recovery area in North Carolina, and is an enthusiastic public advocate for red wolf conservation.

A man with curly black hair, an open red flannel shirt, and khaki pants sits in the middle of a patch of tall grass, with a darkening sky behind him.

Myles Traphagen

Myles Traphagen coordinates Wildlands Network’s borderlands program, with a focus on channeling collaborative efforts to maintain and restore habitat for species like jaguar, black bear and Sonoran pronghorn. He oversees strategic partnerships, communications and projects to advance large-landscape conservation goals in Mexico and the United States.

Kim poses on a green hillside, half facing the camera, with a lush green valley visible behind him.

Kim Vacariu

Kim Vacariu has been with Wildlands Network since 1998, and currently leads the collaborative Western Wildway Network in its efforts to protect and connect wildlife corridors from Alaska to Mexico. He also serves on the communications team as and editor and writer.

Jessica smiles widely at the camera as she stands in front of a rushing waterfall, visible over her right shoulder.

Jessica Walz Schafer

Jessica Walz Schafer serves as the coordinator for Wildlands Network’s law and policy program and its growing efforts in the Pacific Northwest. She also works as a consultant with various other environmental non-profits.