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For the Media

We appreciate the efforts of journalists around the world who are informing the public about threats to our rapidly changing planet and how we can best protect wild nature for the future.

If you need more information about our work, additional background materials, or to schedule an interview with an expert from Wildlands Network, please contact Katy Schaffer, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, in Seattle, Washington, at 206-538-5363,

Landscapes have the power to teach, if you query them carefully. David Quammen, Monster of God

Media Resources

You can learn more about our work by browsing our News Releases, The Wildlands Network Blog, and our Events. Please also see our archived media coverage in Wildlands Network in the News. Photos are available upon request.

Wild Ideas for Media Stories

If you need information or inspiration for a particular story, please explore our On-the-Ground Campaigns, and the work we’ve been doing in the Eastern,¬†Western, and Pacific Wildways and Mexico. You can also learn about how we’re advancing Policy on behalf of wildlands and wildlife.