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Sign the No Wall Petition

Sign the petition below to tell Congress to build bridges, not walls, along the border.

In addition to signing the petition below, you can also call your Congressperson at 202-224-3121. Alternatively, you can contact your Senators and Representatives directly.

Build Bridges, Not Walls

I urge Congress to work to halt construction of a border wall and refuse to appropriate funds to build more barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Across the border, there are already over 650 miles of fencing and barriers. Our borderlands have become militarized with checkpoints, towers and armed border patrol officers who drive across our public lands and along the border at will. Previously, government officials waived federal laws like the Wilderness Act and the Endangered Species Act in order to build this infrastructure – and under existing federal law, they can continue to do so.

All of this activity has caused needless deaths of both humans and wildlife in our borderlands.

We don’t need to construct more walls on our border. We know that walls don’t stop people, but they do stop wildlife. Native wildlife used to roam freely in the borderlands. It has only been within the last 23 years that the U.S. government has been committed to defining our shared border with extensive barriers. While existing border fencing hasn’t stopped drug smuggling or human trafficking, it has hindered wildlife movement and migration—putting the future of wide-ranging animals like jaguar, Sonoran pronghorn and desert bighorn sheep in jeopardy.

I believe Congress should focus on building partnerships with our neighboring countries to protect wildlife and create a better future for all people across North America, not on building walls.

Please take action to stop the construction of a border wall and additional border barriers today.