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Yellow grass stretches across the frame. Different plants sprout up out of the grass. Mountains are visisble in the background.

Borderlands Campaign

Political boundaries are meaningless to wild animals. The goal of the Borderlands Campaign is to ensure that jaguars and other wildlife can move freely through northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S.

Red Wolf Campaign

Wildlands Network is merging science with activism to ensure that red wolves in the southeastern U.S. remain wild and free. Red wolves are among the most critically endangered mammals in the world. In fact, recent published estimates indicate that of the world’s remaining terrestrial top carnivore species, the red wolf has lost the greatest percentage Continue reading “Red Wolf Campaign”

Tiny, spotted kittens cuddle each other on some rocks.

Wild Cats Campaign

Cougars and jaguars help prevent ungulates (hoofed mammals) like deer, elk, and peccaries from over-browsing succulent vegetation that provides habitat for songbirds, salamanders, and other wildlife. Over the past 200 years, people have brutally eliminated these large wild cats and other apex predators from much of their native range in North America, diminishing our natural Continue reading “Wild Cats Campaign”

Standing behind a fall tree trunk, a gray wolf looks toward the camera.

Mexican Wolf Campaign

Through science, advocacy, and on-the-ground partnerships, Wildlands Network is actively working to restore and protect imperiled Mexican gray wolves in the U.S. and Mexico, where they have faced a long history of persecution. Photo: Eric Kilby

Appalachian Trail Campaign

Wildlands Network recognizes recreational corridors, particularly National Scenic Trails like the Appalachian Trail, as opportunities for enhancing ecological connectivity across North America. Photo: David Moskowitz