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Is Uranium Mining Near the Grand Canyon Safe? The Answer May Be in the Water

Following the campaign to protect the Greater Grand Canyon Area Watershed by designating it the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument, this story in the Arizona Republic explores the safety of uranium mining near the Grand Canyon and its potential impact on the area’s water supply.

Wildlands Network’s own Kim Crumbo and Kelly Burke are featured in the story.

Will uranium mining damage the Grand Canyon watershed? The short answer is that nobody knows. But critics say a growing body of evidence suggests it can. Obama left office without creating a monument in northern Arizona, and conservationists fear that Salazar’s 20-year ban may not survive a Donald Trump presidency.

“It sucks,” Crumbo said, the day he heard that Obama would not create a new monument on the Strip, but he was still upbeat. On balance, he said, “Obama’s done a tremendous job. … My position has always been that he’s our president, not our fairy godfather. He has work to do. We have work to do. … The game ain’t over.”

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