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The Effort to Save Red Wolves in the Wild is Failing, a Five-Year Review Says

The Washington Post covered the recent release of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 5-year review of red wolves’ endangered status, which concluded that red wolves are still endangered, with only 40 wolves left in the wild. This article includes Wildlands Network response to the USFWS’s failure to acknowledge that they have played a significant role in the decline of wild red wolves.

Ron Sutherland of the Wildlands Network in Durham said the program is failing because Fish and Wildlife gave up on it.

“We’re disappointed that the … status review appears to take great pains to describe the North Carolina wild population of red wolves as unsustainable without acknowledging the fact that the decision by FWS leadership to functionally abandon the program is what has led to the striking recent declines in red wolf numbers since 2012,” Sutherland said.

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