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3 male hikers walking beside a river with red canyon walls in the background

Born to Rewild Showing at Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

Follow ultra trekker John Davis on his 8-month journey as he hikes, bikes, and paddles 5,000 miles from Mexico to Canada to bring awareness to the obstacles that wildlife faces as it tries to move from one area to another. His mission is to bring conservation groups, public land agencies, and private landowners together to create a continuous wildlife corridor across the spine of the continent. Photo: Kristen Caldon

John Davis hikes up a snowy mountainside with tall green trees and a mountain peak visible behind him.

Born to Rewild Film Premiere at Sedona International Film Festival

The feature film premiere of John Davis’ “TrekWest” 5,000-mile adventure from Mexico to Canada that captures the essence of the movement to put Conservation in Motion ™ and drives home the need to protect wildlife habitat connectivity across the continent. Photo: Karsten Heuer

A gray wolf raises its head in the air and howls.

Making Room for Wild Critters in Utah

Allison Jones, director of the Wild Utah Project, will discuss the basic concepts of wildland network design and why preserving blocks of connected habitat helps to ensure functional and viable wildlife populations, including especially top-level predators. Photo: William C. Gladish

John Davis hikes up a snowy mountainside with tall green trees and a mountain peak visible behind him.

New Film “Born to Rewild” Proves Need for Continental-Sized Western Wildlife Corridor

Wildlands Network proudly announced today that the feature film premiere of “Born to Rewild” will highlight the opening day of the prestigious Sedona International Film Festival on Saturday, February 18. The film follows the epic 2013 adventure of conservation trekker John Davis as he followed the traditional movement pathways of species needing “room to roam” along a 5,000-mile stretch of the Continental Divide. Photo: Karsten Heuer

James and Diana Sue Uqualla stand together in front of a cliff face at Rumble on the Mountain 2 in 2016.

Rumble 3: Native Voices from the Colorado Plateau

Join us for the third annual Celebration of Water (R3), and the telling of an indigenous history of the Colorado Plateau. Featuring Live Music, Live Art, Educational Presentations, Traditional Dances, Info Booths, Children’s Corner (3:30pm-6pm) and conscious voices from the Hopi, Tewa, Havasupai, Zuni and Navajo Nations. $12 Adults, $7 Students, kids 12 & under free with adult.

A dead coyote along the side of the road, with a truckload of people about to drive by

Is Mexico Highway 2 the End of the Line for Jaguars and Wolves?

Highway 2 runs parallel to the international border along one of the most biodiverse regions of North America. From the town of Ímuris in Sonora to the little community of Janos in Chihuahua, this highway creates a rift in a landscape that must remain open to provide connectivity for jaguars and other wildlife. Photo: Jan Schipper

A dead coyote along the side of the road, with a truckload of people about to drive by

La Carretera Federal 2: ¿Fin del camino para jaguares y lobos?

El jaguar, especie emblemática y tercer felino de mayor tamaño en el mundo, se distribuye en México desde la península de Yucatán hasta el norte del estado fronterizo de Sonora, algunos individuos han llegado, en los últimos años, a cruzar la frontera hacia los Estados Unidos, tratando de recuperar su territorio en ese país, del que fueron exterminados en el siglo veinte. Foto: Jan Schipper

Distant shot of canyon country, with lush riparian corridor in foreground

Grand Canyon Heritage Monument Supporters Continue Push for Designation

In response to the recent announcement by U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) regarding the Obama administration’s refusal to consider designation of the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument, Wildlands Network and Grand Canyon Wildlands Council have released the following statements: “Local support for protecting Grand Canyon’s watershed has been and continues to be unwavering.” Photo: William C. Gladish

The Grand Canyon stretches toward the horizon, with reds, greens and browns coloring the canyons and a river winding along the canyon floor.

Greater Grand Canyon Heritage Monument Endorsement Boosts Chances for Habitat Connectivity with Yellowstone

A coalition of organizations backing the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument proposal applauded Representative Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.) today for re-affirming her support of the national monument by joining 43 of her House colleagues in co-sponsoring the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument Act, introduced in Congress by Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.). Photo: Kristen M. Caldon