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Standing behind a fall tree trunk, a gray wolf looks toward the camera.

New Analysis Demonstrates Importance of Gila National Forest-Northern Arizona Wildlife Corridor for Mexican Wolf Recovery

Newly released maps conclusively demonstrate the importance of maintaining landscape connectivity between Northern Arizona and the Gila National Forest for Mexican wolf recovery. We hope wildlife agencies will use the new maps to maintain connectivity for native wildlife in the region. Photo: Eric Kilby

A rocky terrain stretches out as far as the eye can see. It is spotted with green shrubbery. The sky is a purplish-pink color, and the moon is visible in the distance.

Join Us for “Grand Staircase: Vital Corridor for Wildlife”

Join Kim Crumbo, Western Conservation Director, at Amazing Earthfest, Southern Utah’s premiere festival of experiential learning, discovery, arts and adventure. Kim will give a presentation on Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s crucial role as a wildlife corridor. Photo: Bob Wick, BLM

This 3-D model shows a wildlife bridge connecting two wild areas over a highway.

Diputado introduce iniciativa de reforma para que los pasos de fauna sean obligatorios en carreteras federales de México

El congresista mexicano Germán Ralis presentó un proyecto de ley para enmendar las leyes mexicanas de carreteras, puentes y autotransporte federal, de modo que los cruces de vida silvestre se vuelvan obligatorios para las nuevas carreteras. Si se aprueba, 2019 podría ser un año brillante para la conectividad de vida silvestre en México. Foto: Wildlands Network

A brown, black and white wolf runs across the frame, toward the left of the frame. The wolf's front paws are off the ground and his tongue is out. He's running on dry scrubby ground.

Managing Public Lands to Restore the Mexican Wolf

While our lawsuit against the USFWS for their flawed Mexican wolf recovery plan works its way through the courts, there is plenty of work to do on the ground. Wildlands Network hopes to play a key role in these ongoing efforts by working with the Forest Service to design management strategies for public lands that will give Mexican wolves a better shot at recovery. Photo: Jim Clark, USFWS

Shallow river meandering through a desert landscape, with low mountains in the background

Join us for Border BioBlitz!

Join us, Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers and other collaborating organizations to document the stunning biological diversity of the borderlands at several key sites. All citizen scientists are encouraged to participate! Photo: Juan Carlos Bravo