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A brownish wolf standing and facing the photographer.

Can Red Wolves Be Saved Again?

Washington Post reporter Darryl Fears joined our conservation scientist, Dr. Ron Sutherland, at Alligator National Wildlife Refuge to scout wild red wolves. In this article, Fears details the troubled past and murky future of the red wolf. The article includes quotes from  Dr. Sutherland and beautiful videos from our camera trap project in the red wolf recovery area in Eastern North Carolina. Photo: John Froschauer

Standing behind a fall tree trunk, a gray wolf looks toward the camera.

Wildland Network and Other Conservationists Intend to File Lawsuit to Protect Mexican Wolves

Because the USFWS’s final Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan, released last November, is not enough to ensure the recovery of the Mexican wolf, Wildlands Network gave the USFWS notice last year that we intended to file a lawsuit challenging the plan’s unscientific recommendations. The first piece of that lawsuit will be filed next week. Photo: Eric Kilby

Man with short hair and glasses smiles next to a huge, white wolf on a rooftop against backdrop of a large, elegant brick building.

Deep Rewilding

Dr. Bill Lynn, research scientist and thought-leader in the field of ethics and sustainability, is especially passionate about human-animal relations. Through his teachings, writings, and presentations, Bill explores the complicated ethical terrain surrounding our co-existence with wolves and other wildlife, deeply probing the difficult questions of why and how we should care for nature and society. In this essay, Bill urges conservationists to think beyond the fundamental science of rewilding and reconnect with its ethical roots. Photo: J. Henry Fair

In this black and white photo, a man sits at a table. Both elbows are propped up on the table and both hands are raised. The man looks at the camera; he is wearing a black suite.

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Impact on Our Interconnected World

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., best remembered for his life-changing work and speeches on civil rights, understood the interconnected nature of existence. Only with a global perspective and a common understanding that our shared Earth should be protected can we honor Dr. King’s legacy and take the steps to preserve the planet for future generations. Photo: Dick DeMarsico, World Telegram staff photographer

White water tumbles over big granite rocks between tall trees, from the upper right corner of the frame to the lower left. The trees have green, red, gold and orange leaves.

Healthy Waters are Dependent on Healthy Land

Southern Maryland Online published this story on how healthy waters–on which humans depend–depend on healthy, connected landscapes. The article features John Davis and his 2011 trek along the Eastern Wildway as he took inventory of the East’s remaining patches of unbroken wilderness. The author, Tim Rowland, explores our ambitious vision for an interconnected Eastern Wildway as the solution to the East Coast’s deteriorating forest and watershed ecosystems. Photo: John Davis