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A person not shown in the photo, with a book in his lap, holds the paw of a brown and white dog who is looking at the camera.

Can We Rewild Nature without Rewilding Ourselves?

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. That’s dawn in the Pacific Northwest on a spring day just a few weeks short of the summer solstice. The still waters of Puget Sound’s Rich Passage reflect the varied grays of an overcast sky, rippled only by ferries moving commuters to and fro between Bremerton and Seattle. Most Continue reading “Can We Rewild Nature without Rewilding Ourselves?”

A wolf that is walking looks directly at the camera.

Government: Wild Red Wolf Population Could Soon Be Wiped Out

This Associated Press article, which appeared in the Miami Herald and U.S. News and World Report, highlights the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s new 5-year review of the red wolf’s endangered status. The story includes quotes from Dr. Ron Sutherland on how the USFWS continues to fail the red wolf, despite the agency acknowledgement of the wolf’s endangered status. Photo: Ron Sutherland

A brownish wolf standing and facing the photographer.

Can Red Wolves Be Saved Again?

Washington Post reporter Darryl Fears joined our conservation scientist, Dr. Ron Sutherland, at Alligator National Wildlife Refuge to scout wild red wolves. In this article, Fears details the troubled past and murky future of the red wolf. The article includes quotes from  Dr. Sutherland and beautiful videos from our camera trap project in the red wolf recovery area in Eastern North Carolina. Photo: John Froschauer

Ron smiles wide at the camera on a beach in sunset.

Ron Sutherland to Talk Red Wolves

Ron Sutherland will deliver an interactive presentation on red wolves to North Carolina’s Albemarle Conservation and Wildlife Chapter and friends. A dinner at Villa Restaurant in Elizabeth City at 6pm will precede the talk. Bring a friend! Photo: Ron Sutherland

Close-up of gray, white, and tan dog-like animal with tongue hanging out.

Camera-Trap Footage Shows Rare, Much-Debated Red Wolf in the Wild

Earth Touch News Network’s Ethan Shaw explores the controversial genetics of North America’s wolf species, highlighting Wildlands Network’s ongoing efforts to survey the rare and endangered red wolf. Shaw’s piece includes a 40-second compilation of WN video footage featuring wild red wolves in North Carolina. Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Man with tan wearing tank top and baseball cap, sitting on a raft on a river with rock wall in the background.

A Conversation with Jon Huertas

Our celebrity ambassador, Jon Huertas, is a big hit in Hollywood, having played a leading role on “Castle” before taking on his current persona as Miguel on NBC’s blockbuster family drama, “This Is Us.” In this exclusive interview, Jon shares highlights from his recent rafting trip down the Colorado River with Wildlands Network, and tells us about his early introduction to wildlife, his passion for mountain lions, and his commitment to educating young people about why we need wildness. Photo: Tracey Butcher