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Un vistazo de vida silvestre en movimiento

La Carretera 2 de México podría crear una barrera geográfica casi impasable para la vida silvestre que trata de cruzarla para encontrar comida, compañeros y refugio. Leer más sobre la captura de cámaras que estamos realizando en esta área para hacer recomendaciones basadas en datos para cruces de vida silvestre a lo largo de la carretera. Foto: Wildlands Network/EcoGrande/Sky Island Alliance

A large tan cat walks on a white, pebbly shore near water.

2018 Year in Review: Building Quiet Momentum

From field research to introducing wildlife corridor protections in Congress to creating new collaborative partnerships, we’ve worked harder than ever—sometimes stressed, sometimes angered, and often exhausted—but always resolute and hopeful. We invite you to take a look at this reflection of our work for wildlife and wildlands in 2018. Photo: National Park Service

A dead brown-colored bear lies on the side of the road. A police car is parked a few feet away.

Female Black Bear Killed on Mexico’s Highway 2

On Saturday, September 22, a vehicle struck and killed a female black bear (Ursus americanus) as she tried to cross Federal Highway 2 in the Sky Islands region of Sonora, México, where black bears are considered endangered. Such tragedies show the critical need for functional wildlife crossings along this highway to protect both wild and human travelers. Photo: SoyCobre