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A grizzly bear walks across a meadow covered with flowers.

Trusting Wildness But Not Us

To bridge the divide between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, grizzly bears must reckon with roads, housing developments, agriculture, and private property rights. Greg Costello fears that, given current trends, grizzlies will likely face these obstacles without protections under the ESA. Photo: William C. Gladish

Woman in orange raincoat and lifejacket standing beside a yellow canoe next to a large river

Daunted Courage, Part III (Finale)

When writer Paula MacKay decided to join Wildlands friends on a float trip down the Upper Missouri River, she stepped out of her comfort zone and into the waterway traveled by Lewis and Clark more than 200 years ago. In the final section of her travel essay, she explores the rewards of river time and the challenges of being a conservationist. Photo: Robert Long

Closeup of a wolverine in the snow, showing large feet with long white claws.

For the Wild, 3: The Wildlands Vision, 1992

OUR VISION IS SIMPLE: we live for the day when Grizzly Bears in Chihuahua have an unbroken connection to Grizzlies in Alaska; when Gray Wolf populations are continuous from Mexico to Labrador; when vast unbroken forests and flowing plains again thrive and support pre-Columbian populations of plants and animals; when humans dwell with respect, harmony, and affection for the land; when we come to live no longer as strangers and aliens on this continent.