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Q&A with Champions for Misunderstood Wildlife

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Wildlands Network supporters Dale Weiler and Loti Woods of Weiler Woods for Wildlife about what sparked their interest in our organization, and how our vision combined with their example can serve as inspiration to other who want to get involved in conservation. Fierce wildlife advocates themselves, Dale Continue reading “Q&A with Champions for Misunderstood Wildlife”

Behind-the-Scenes of Eastern North Carolina’s Wild Side

This post is part of our Sustain the Wild series, aimed at highlighting the work Wildlands Network is doing to ensure healthy habitat for wildlife, long into the future. Learn more and support here. Getting a glimpse into the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitats is something that many Wildlands Network staff have the chance Continue reading “Behind-the-Scenes of Eastern North Carolina’s Wild Side”

Success Stories in State Policy: Protecting Wildlife Corridors Across the U.S.

Watch a full recording of the webinar HERE. Wildlands Network is spearheading efforts towards science-driven policies that safeguard critical habitat for wildlife across the United States. Working with allies across the political spectrum, we have introduced and helped successfully pass legislation enabling state agencies to prioritize and plan projects to restore and protect wildlife corridors. Continue reading “Success Stories in State Policy: Protecting Wildlife Corridors Across the U.S.”

Virginia State Legislature Passes Landmark Wildlife Corridor Bill

Note: this legislation passed the Virginia State legislature in February 2020 and goes in effect July 1, 2020. Legislation Will Help Protect Virginia’s Motorists as it Safeguards Wildlife Movement and Migration Corridors Richmond, VA (Feb. 25, 2020) – The Virginia State legislature passed SB 1004 and HB 1695, making Virginia among the first states to Continue reading “Virginia State Legislature Passes Landmark Wildlife Corridor Bill”

Eastern-Wildway---web art map

Eastern Wildway Map Presents Vision for an Ecologically-Connected North America

DURHAM, N.C. (October 22, 2019) – This week Wildlands Network publicly released its Eastern Wildway map, a bold vision for reconnecting and restoring wildlife habitat across eastern North America. The new map covers roughly 50% of the East Coast of the United States and Canada, and is among first large-scale conservation plans to show an Continue reading “Eastern Wildway Map Presents Vision for an Ecologically-Connected North America”

Working with Landowners to Advocate for Red Wolves

After conducting listening sessions in the five counties of the red wolf recovery area, we’re working with local landowners to place cameras on their properties to capture images of wildlife, including black bears and red wolves. We hope that by educating people about native wildlife such as bears, wolves, and coyotes, we aim to amend any misconceptions that may surround these ecologically important species. Photo: Wildlands Network

People Are Helping Animals Cross Highways—And That’s Great for Humans, Too

Chief Scientist Dr. Ron Sutherland spoke with Nation Swell, a digital outlet focused on solutions to problems facing the U.S., about the critical importance of wildlife crossings and our work to establish and protect wildlife crossings through policy at the state and federal levels, with a shout out to the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act that was introduced in May. Photo: Oxana / Adobe Stock

Five pig-like animals cross a road with trees, canyons, and hills in the background.

Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 Introduced in Congress With Bi-Partisan Support Following UN Report On Global Biodiversity Crisis

Marking the most significant step toward national wildlife conservation in decades, the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 was introduced today in both houses of Congress. Led by Sen. Tom Udall, the bill was co-sponsored in the Senate by Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Jeff Merkley, Bernie Sanders, Jon Tester, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Ron Wyden. The bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressmen Don Beyer and Vern Buchanan.

Jaguarundi: Benefitting from Binational Connectivity

Continuing our series on wildlife profiles, we’re highlighting the mysterious jaguarundi, a small wild cat who’s all but disappeared from the landscape. Learn more about how Wildlands Networks efforts to reconnect, restore, and rewild North America, especially in the borderlands, will help the jaguarundi thrive. Photo: © Katerina Mirus / Adobe Stock

Studying Elk Movements in Southern Appalachia

On April 11th, we completed the deployment of our 11 elk GPS collars with wildlife biologist Justin McVey and other North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission staff. We will use the elk’s movement data from the GPS collars to identify road crossing locations and the impacts of roads on elk movement to improve wildlife connectivity and human safety in southern Appalachia. Photo: Liz Hillard