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Sonora State Representative Proposes Wildlife Crossings on State Highways

Roadkill along Mexico’s Highway 2. At least 2,000 vertebrates are killed every year. Graphic: Wildlands Network

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SONORA, MEXICO (February 13, 2019) — On Tuesday, Sonoran State Representative Luis Mario Rivera Aguilar presented a draft decree requiring wildlife crossings in the state’s Territorial Ordinance Programs to Sonora’s state Congress.

The proposal seeks to promote the conservation of species and their habitats, creating wildlife crossings to preserve the continuity of ecosystems in Sonora, which have been fragmented by road infrastructure.

Rivera Aguilar mentioned that “according to figures collected by Wildlands Network, there are more than 2,000 roadkill vertebrates each year in a stretch of only 243 kilometers in Federal Highway 2,” indicating a critical need for the preservation of ecosystems and the wildlife who inhabit them.

The proposal’s objective is to avoid the dangerous possibility of wildlife-vehicle collisions by implementing wildlife crossings accompanied by traffic signals, which can prevent harm to both wild and human travelers along state and federal roads.

Juan Carlos Bravo, Wildlands Network’s Mexico Program Director, said, “At Wildlands Network, we celebrate the initiative presented before Congress, and we hope that it will be approved as soon as possible. We continue to document the death of wildlife on state roads, and we are concerned that there is no proper development being considered, one that allows animals to move without risking being roadkill. We have already located some of the most important places that require wildlife crossings, and we hope that authorities will present concrete solutions as soon as possible.”

State Representative Rivera Aguilar said the initiative was inspired by a similar one that was approved just a couple of weeks ago at the Chihuahua State Congress in Mexico.

Finally, Rivera Aguilar emphasized that although roads are necessary for economic development, it is up to legislators to deal with all kinds of problems, including those that affect natural resources and the safety of motorists.


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Juan Carlos Bravo, Wildlands Network Mexico Program Director,
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