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Sonora Congress Exhorts SCT to Build Wildlife Crossings on Highways

Juan Carlos Bravo, director of our Mexico Program, spoke with Spanish outlet Algo Que Informar about the Sonora Congress’s exhortation to Mexico’s federal transportation committee to build wildlife crossings on highways. The Congress issued the exhortation in response to the death of a black bear, who was struck and killed by a vehicle on Mexico’s Highway 2. The bear’s tragic death shows the critical need for wildlife crossings on highways to mitigate the harm for both human and non-human travelers alike.

These crossings have been used with positive results in several countries— including in the neighboring state of Arizona—to reduce collisions between vehicles and wildlife, increasing protection for the species and the safety of motorists, said Juan Carlos Bravo, director of the Mexico Program of Wildlands Network, an international group that promotes wildlife conservation and advocates the protection of corridors for the movement of animals.

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Note: This article is in Spanish.

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