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Report Says Red Wolves Genetically Distinct

North Carolina’s Coastal Review Online picked up this quote by Dr. Ron Sutherland on the newly released taxonomy report that concludes red wolves are genetically distinct from coyotes and gray wolves. As a distinct species, red wolves are therefore deserving of protection under the Endangered Species Act.

“Now that the National Academy of Science experts have deemed the red wolf to be a valid species, it is time for FWS to stop looking for excuses and start revamping and revitalizing their stalled recovery efforts for the red wolf in the wild,” said Ron Sutherland, chief scientist for Wildlands Network, a nonprofit environment group that has advocated for red wolf conservation. “With only about 25 free-ranging red wolves left in eastern North Carolina, the species only has a few years to go before it succumbs to extinction in the wild for a second and possibly final time.”

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