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Red Wolf Revival Documents the Struggle to Reintroduce One of the Rarest Animals on Earth

The red wolf, Canis rufus, is a critically endangered species, now down to only 45-70 animals left in the wild. After being driven nearly extinct in the 1960s and ’70s, the red wolf was brought into captivity and then reintroduced in 1987 onto the Albemarle Peninsula in eastern North Carolina.

Red Wolf Revival (2015) is a short film about the last remaining wild population of red wolves. Centered on the historic recovery effort in Eastern North Carolina, it documents the multifaceted struggle to reintroduce one of the rarest animals on earth in the face of cultural, economic, and biological challenges in North Carolina. Produced and Directed by Roshan Patel, learn more about the film and the team here.

Our own conservation scientist, Dr. Ron Sutherland, participates in a select panel discussion after many of the film screenings, so we encourage you to stay for that conversation. In addition to advocating passionately for red wolf conservation, Ron has been leading a Wildlands Network effort to investigate the ecological role played by red wolves in their natural environment. You can view thousands of camera trap images from our project here.

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