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New Film Pleads with Obama to Permanently Protect Grand Canyon Watershed

A scenic shot showing the red wall of a rocky canyon in late evening sunlight, with the words "Grand Canyon" and "#MonumentsForAll" written in write lettering across the center of the image.

This is post 3 of 6 in "Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument."

Throughout this series, we follow the protection of the Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument. You'll learn about the importance of the monument, which would permanently protect the area from new uranium mining while simultaneously safeguarding cultural and natural resources. All posts in this series…

Ed George’s excellent new film, North Rim Notes, features outdoor recreation business owners, artists, scientists, writers and explorers sharing their deep ties to the watershed surrounding Grand Canyon. Together, they make an inspirational plea for President Obama to permanently protect this world class wildlife corridor as the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument. Ed Abbey would have no doubt joined them in this call to action, having worked for a time at the nearby North Rim fire lookout.

Please send your own letter to President Obama urging monument designation for the Grand Canyon’s watershed by clicking here.

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