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New Film “Born to Rewild” Proves Need for Continental-Sized Western Wildlife Corridor

“Conservation in Motion” film to premiere at Sedona International Film Festival Feb. 18

Sedona, AZ  (February 13, 2017) — Wildlands Network proudly announced today that the feature film premiere of  “Born to Rewild” will highlight the opening day of the prestigious Sedona International Film Festival on Saturday, February 18. The film follows the epic 2013 adventure of conservation trekker John Davis as he followed the traditional movement pathways of species needing “room to roam” along a 5,000-mile stretch of the Continental Divide. Born to Rewild highlights the challenges such wide-ranging species encounter on their migratory routes, and how those challenges might be mitigated.

After some doubt that the adventurous hiker could sustain such a physically-demanding effort — his “TrekWest” journey would last eight months or longer, begin in the blistering heat of the Sonoran Desert, and end amidst the frigid, snow-covered peaks of the Canadian Rockies — Davis succeeded in tackling this challenge through sheer physical will.  “Born to Rewild” takes viewers along for the ride, which included endless hiking, 200 nights sleeping in the elements, paddling roaring rivers, biking rutted back roads, and slogging to the finish line in Fernie, B.C. through a cold rainstorm.

“Born to Rewild,” exquisitely shot by award-winning filmmaker Ed George, who passed away just prior to final edits, captures the stresses that Davis endured to achieve his outdoor adventure masterpiece, stresses experienced by wildlife every single day.

Featuring dozens of interviews that Davis conducted with conservationists, ranchers, scientists, school children, and large carnivorous creatures along the way, the film attained its original goal: describing in colorful detail what it would take for a migrating mountain lion or wolf to get from point A to point B across a landscape fragmented with highways, subdivisions, and mining operations.

“I had the benefit of plenty of support from friends, but the wild creatures with whom I shared the trails don’t have it so easy,” says Davis. “Some of them perish in the face of automobiles, some get separated from their families, and some face the threat of poaching.”

Davis, Wildlands Network and member groups in the “Western Wildway Network” hope to use the film to communicate the need for connected and protected wild landscapes to sustain our most iconic North American species.

Says the trekker: “I hope everyone who sees this film will leave feeling as humble and dedicated to protecting Nature’s gifts as I felt living out there with our wildest neighbors.”

Link to Film Trailer and Schedule here.


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