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Mexico-US relations: Jaguar population threatened by Trump’s wall

Juan Carlos Bravo, director of Wildlands Network’s Mexico Program, gave this interview with TRTWorld, focusing on jaguar populations in the U.S. and Mexico and the effect of Trump’s border wall on those populations.*

“[A border wall] would absolutely be disastrous to local fauna if the United States wants to get a healthy population of jaguars any time in the future. That’s not gonna happen with a big wall in between our countries.”

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*Note: The existence of jaguars in the Southwest was not a discovery of Wildlands Network or its partners. Our organization is fostering and disseminating new research that shows jaguars can recover in parts of Arizona not previously discovered by agencies, providing an unprecedented level of detail. Historical records from the Grand Canyon and other regions in the Southwest were first compiled and documented by Brown and Lopez in 2001; contemporary records are limited to the Sky Islands of Arizona.

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