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Landowner Traps Endangered Red Wolf

US Fish and Wildlife Service Failing to Protect Last 45 Wild Red Wolves

Creswell, NC (March 1, 2016) — The red wolf is one of the most critically endangered species in the world — more endangered than the Siberian tiger — with only 45 known individuals remaining in the wild. Over the weekend, Jett Ferebee, a leading critic of the federal government’s 30-year effort to recover the endangered red wolf, trapped a red wolf. After recently being denied a permit to kill wolves on his property, Ferebee paid a private trapper to catch a red wolf on his land with a leg hold trap. A wolf was caught on Friday, Feb. 26 and then on Saturday, Feb 27 Ferebee sent messages to the US Fish and Wildlife Service demanding that he be issued a lethal take permit.

“This incident marks just the latest tragic development in the recent history of what has otherwise been a leading effort at restoring a native species to the wild,” said Dr. Ron Sutherland, a biologist with the Wildlands Network in North Carolina. The red wolf recovery program has been ongoing since the wolves were first reintroduced in North Carolina in 1987, and the red wolf population reached a high of 120-130 animals in 2005-2006. There is considerable local and national support for red wolves. Recently 100 residents who live in the red wolf recovery area sent a petition to US Fish and Wildlife Services expressing support for red wolves.

See the full news release: NEWS-Landowner Traps Red Wolf

About the Wildlands Network Red Wolf Research Project

Alligator River and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuges, are home to some of the most impressive concentrations of wildlife in the eastern United States. Wildlands Network has started a pilot camera trapping study on the refuges and an adjacent tract of private land to begin the process of documenting the ecological role played by the red wolves. Our results from 22 cameras so far clearly demonstrate that the red wolf recovery area continues to be home to an amazing diversity and abundance of wildlife. This should be good news for hunters, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts of all stripes. Wildlands Network has posted all of the wildlife photos from the study online, where they can be viewed on Flickr.


Wildlands Network envisions a world where nature is unbroken, and where humans co-exist in harmony with the land and its wild inhabitants. Our mission is to reconnect, restore, and rewild North America so life in all its diversity can thrive.


Susan Holmes, Wildlands Network, 202-329-1553,
Ron Sutherland, Wildlands Network, 919-401-7271 / 919-641-0060,

4 thoughts on “Landowner Traps Endangered Red Wolf

  1. This guy should be prosecuted to the fullest! Ban leg hold traps. I hope F&w went to release this poor wolf and that its foot isn’t mangled!

  2. All over the world it’s the same…total disregard for our dear magnificent wildlife. We are encroaching so much on their habitat that they are battling to survive and now if that wasn’t enough they are shot, poached, trapped and abused…I feel quite ill when I see and hear what is happening to them. Only 45 red wolves left and now this idiot traps one…I truly give up with mankind in general.😠

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