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Hikers Travel Combined 400 Miles to Help Create International Trail

In this story from northern New York’s Watertown Daily Times, reporter Marcus Wolf covers our own John Davis’s trek along the Algonquin to Adirondack (A2A) connection, which spans across the U.S.-Canada border. John is meeting fellow conservationist John Allport, who is hiking the Canadian side of the A2A connection, in the middle of the trail at Wellesley Island State Park.

While John Davis could not be reached on the trail for comment in this story, he shares John Allport’s sentiment:

“Mr. Allport said he hopes that by helping pave the way for the trail, he will highlight the importance of protecting wildlife and habitats.

“The naturalist said he wants to encourage people to recognize that they co-exist with animals in the natural landscape and must take action to preserve and protect the flora and fauna they live with. Mr. Allport’s mission, he said, will harden his resolve to complete the trek.”

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