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For the Wild: Introduction

Wildlands Network published For the Wild in 2017 to celebrate 25 years of reconnecting nature in North America.  Every couple of weeks, we’ll be posting a new excerpt from this inspiring collection of prose, poetry, and photographs as a special feature on our website. Please join the Rewilding Society or our Wildlands Stewards giving circle to receive a bound copy of For the Wild. Visit our Donate page to learn more.


Close-up of raptor with bright yellow eye and sharp beak
Northern Hawk-Owl (Surnia ulula). Photo: Larry Master

Twenty-five years.

Half the lifespan of a chimpanzee, or a scarlet macaw lighting the tropical sky. Twice the age of an old wild cougar, who somehow eluded highways and guns. A few blinks of the eye for a bowhead whale, her baleen sifting the Beaufort across two centuries or more. And the silver anniversary of couples of our own kind, honoring the hard-earned stories they’ve created along the way.

The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time. Terry Tempest Williams

Wildlands Network, too, has accrued many stories since our founding twenty-five years ago, an impassioned union of science and activism on behalf of wild nature. The collection that follows celebrates this union and the dedicated community of people—scientists, artists; wild advocates, all—working to heal broken landscapes and rewild our hearts.

There’s no question that wild creatures great and small need our help even more today than they did a quarter-century ago; as Terry Tempest Williams tells us, “wild mercy is in our hands.” May this silver anniversary publication inspire you to explore the wild within, and to join us in going for the gold—for the wild.


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