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Endangered Red Wolves Are a Distinct Species in Northeastern North Carolina, According to New Study

The Virginian-Pilot covered our response to the newly released wolf taxonomy report, which declared red wolves to be a genetically distinct species, separate from gray wolves and coyotes. As a distinct species, red wolves deserve protections under the Endangered Species Act.

The article features a quote from our chief scientist, Dr. Ron Sutherland, who urges the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to immediately reinvigorate their stalled efforts to recover red wolves in the wild as a result of the report’s finding.

This study reinforces the need to continue the red wolf program, said Ron Sutherland, chief scientist of Wildlands Network.

“The FWS should immediately begin robust recovery of wild red wolves, starting with saving the remnants of the North Carolina population, using the best recovery tools at their disposal,” Sutherland said.

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